Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Wise Traditions Ireland 2017 - Changing Our Minds

We've had such a wonderful experience putting on the last two conferences, so we are eagerly looking forward to this year's one! We have a stellar line up of speakers and as usual there will be a great selection of exhibitors, and of course who could forget the infamous WAPF lunch made from carefully selected locally sourced organic ingredients.

This year's theme is "Changing Our Minds" and will focus on the nutritional foundations of a healthy mind (and body!) and also discuss if we need a change of mind on the official diet advice from the mainstream diet dictocrats! 

Early-bird tickets are on sale now!! www.wapfmunster.com

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wise Traditions Ireland 2016 - onwards and upwards!

Pictured in the tunnel at Thomond Park after a long but successful weekend: Prof Ton Baars, Anne Maher, Brendan O'Brien, Dr Malcolm Kendrick, Caroline Rigney, me, Peter and Natasha Campbell McBride

Running a conference is an exhausting thing to do! We've been asked fairly regularly over the last year "why do you do it?" For me, the simple answer, is that it needs to be done. There is a palpable yearning out there for real and concrete nutrition information. There is a shift happening, people are taking control of their own health.  Our two conferences have helped to bring people together, to inform them, inspire them and encourage them to keep going.

I was interviewed last Sunday week and asked what my favourite part of the conference was. At first I replied that it was a tough question but then it occurred to me that what I enjoy most about it is meeting the people who are attending, talking with them about their own health and the changes they are making to improve it. And they love to hear my own story and my son's.

Many people thanked us last year for putting the conference on, and that has been repeated this year.  Many delegates, exhibitors and even some of the speakers emailed us afterwards and expressed how much if affected them.  One mother told me that hearing Dr Natasha's talk gave her the resolve to continue with GAPS.  Specific diets like GAPS are difficult, so events like this are helpful to encourage and uplift those struggling with the effort. Several exhibitors told me they had never been to a conference like it. They enjoyed it immensely, and found the delegates to be extremely informed and engaged. The positivity is contagious!

Some of our speakers provoked strong reactions, many telling us they had long discussions with relatives that night, debating and discussing issues like fat, cholesterol and statins.  Of course, everybody was delighted to be told they should eat more fat and have bacon for breakfast!

Nina Teicholz was a wonderful speaker and her talk on "The Big Fat Surprise" was enlightening and enfuriating in equal measure! I highly recommend her book, and I'm reading it at the moment.

Dr Natasha was very popular again this year. Her talks are vivid experiences. I witnessed several mothers having emotional discussions with her - she has a profound affect on people! And on me!

If you enjoyed the conference or have any comment on what we might do better, please be sure to let us know at wapfconference@gmail.com. All feedback is appreciated! We are pretty tired after the event so, as you can imagine, it's wonderful to hear from people who enjoyed it, who want to come again and who will recommend it to others.

It inspires us to keep going!!