Sunday, 17 February 2013

Two Years Later

It has been over two years since we started the GAPS/SCD adventure and it has been quite an adventure. I use the word adventure a lot, I admit, but it seems appropriate for what we've been doing. We went down this road without having any guarantees that it would work. I knew nobody else who had tried this particular diet, other than strangers on an online help forum. I had few places to turn to when the going got tough. And it was tough at times. But sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. You have to trust your "gut".  You have to decide to have an adventure! And somehow, when I read the GAPS book, I believed it was worth the risk.

There have been ups and downs. There were times when I wondered had the progress stopped. There were times when I was exhausted and worn out from the extra work load. There were times when I wanted to throw the yoghurt maker out the window! There were times when I would have given my left elbow for a Dominos pizza.

And then there were the ups. The first time he asked "why". The hugs and kisses. The looking me straight in the eye and saying "I love you Mummy". The "guys, guys, guys!!" to his brother and sister. The constant talk about his new best friend Charlie. The playing in the school yard. The birthday parties where he was so excited to see each and every one of his school pals arrive. The incredible eye contact. The insanely stunning photos of him really looking AT me. The huge improvement in his general health. The positive test results. The lack of vomiting bugs. The end of nappies. The lack of worry. The freedom. The happiness.

Take a leap. It is SO worth it.

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  1. Deirdre you're a Trojan horse, and i'm crying here reading it. WEll done to you. I believe in you .. Keep going.. You know it's all worth it.